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Our studio strives to embrace the perfection of each individual dancer, rather than trying to fit them into a mold.


We recognize uniqueness and aim to bring out the best in each student. Their goals, futures and dreams are something we work toward together using the language of dance as a medium. We believe that dance can propel our students into whatever field they wish to join.


Our dance family is here to nurture and grow young individuals into not only great dancers, but great people. We also believe that strong technical foundations instill a sense of accomplishment in class and on stage, and 4 the Love of Dance boasts one of the most well-educated faculties in the Dallas/Fort Worth area.


We know that our teachers are passionate about what they do because they have trained, studied, and earned multiple awards in dance  and choreography.


For our faculty, dance goes beyond winning trophies; it is about developing life skills and relationships because we are all true professionals designing our lives around our art, and we desire to pass that passion onto our students.

Aaron-Marie Harding
Owner/Creative Director
Andria Williams
Assistant Director
Dance Teachers

Andria Williams, started dancing at the age of 2.  She took ballet, jazz, tap and gymnastics. She always possessed the natural fluidity when it came to dancing.  By the age of 8 she had been classically trained in both Russian and Contemporary Ballet and began to focus primarily on Ballet.

In Middle school Ms. Andria got invited to Pointe in Ballet and performed solos and in Don Quixote. In high school she also was a part of the Advanced Dance team called "Dance 4"

After graduating high school Ms. Andria attended the Debbie Allen Intensive Summer Program in California.  After completing the program she went to Jarvis Christian College on a full academic scholarship.  Her school did not have a dance team so she found a sponsor and developed a team of her own.


Mr. Jay Griggs was born in Jackson, MS but raised in Texas.  Mr. Jay has always had a love for dance but it wasn’t until the age of 17 that he realized it was his number one passion. From little school dances and talent shows to competitive battles in Dallas, performing for Microsoft grand opening, music videos and now instructing. Mr Jay is not your typical hip hop dancer, whenever he hits the stage be expecting a captivating performance that always leaves you breathless. Now he teaches to instill the same drive and skill set for anyone who wants to explore dance in the same light as he does.  At 4 the Love of Dance, Mr. Jay teaches Hip-hop.

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Mr. Jacob Sellers

Ms. Ana Barros

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